5 Car Key Replacement Services You Should Know About

If you’ve ever lost your car key or had it stolen, you know how frustrating the experience can be. Car keys play an important role in locking and unlocking your vehicle, so not having a functional copy can make getting in and out of your car difficult not to mention having to pay to get another one made by your local dealership or locksmith. Fortunately, you can easily replace your car key with these five car key replacement services that are designed to make the process easier on you and more affordable than what you’d find elsewhere.

1) Mobile locksmith services

Another common method of car key replacement is through a mobile locksmith service. Locksmiths can typically get you back on your way with a new car key in about 20 minutes and won’t charge nearly as much as some other methods of getting keys made. Note that some cars may require more than one set of keys to operate properly, so be sure to check before replacing anything. If your car is one that requires multiple keys, look into investing in an additional one from a local parts store if your budget allows for it. 

Otherwise, call up your local locksmith and see what their best price would be for having two keys made up at once. The cost will likely be less than half of what you’d pay for just one key alone. Also, keep in mind that many car dealerships offer free replacements when you purchase a car or at least discount rates so don’t forget to ask! In fact, most companies who sell cars should have a deal going on right now where they’ll replace lost or broken keys for free when buying a car. Ask around; chances are someone you know has taken advantage of these deals recently.

2) Auto dealerships

If you are shopping for a new car, you may have noticed that several dealerships offer car key replacement services. This service is typically included with any new-car purchase, but you can also buy it separately if you’ve lost or misplaced your current set of keys. When it comes to cost, things can vary based on what your dealer has to do to get you a key and how long it takes them to do so. Most dealers will only need your VIN number and some basic information in order to get started. The cost depends on whether or not they need a copy of your driver’s license, but even if they do request one which could be due to regulations related to different parts of the state it shouldn’t cost more than $20-$25. 

Keep in mind that, while you’ll probably save money by buying car key replacement from your dealership, it might take longer for them to replace your keys compared to an outside service. In addition, since many auto dealerships require appointments, you might end up spending quite a bit of time waiting around at their office time during which other services could easily replace your car key for less money and hassle. Auto locksmiths: If you don’t want to spend time dealing with salespeople or waiting around at an auto dealership for hours on end or if you’re looking for something other than brand new car keys consider contacting an auto locksmith instead.

3) Emergency roadside assistance

If you’re having car trouble, and your car key is lost or stolen, it might seem like a major inconvenience. However, depending on where you live, there are roadside assistance services that will come to your rescue (and save you from a pricey tow truck ride). As long as you know where to find these services whether it’s AAA or another group you’ll have easy access to vehicle help if something goes wrong. Here are 5 of these roadside assistance programs that offer great deals on both car key replacement and emergency roadside service. 

Replacing your car key at an urgent care center: You can purchase additional keys for your vehicle at many local hardware stores, but you may need to visit an urgent care center in order to get them programmed with new fobs. This process typically takes less than five minutes and only costs about $20 for each new fob; however, you should call ahead for current pricing information so that you don’t run into any surprises when paying for new fobs.

4) Local specialty shops

If you’re in a major metropolitan area, there are likely dozens of specialty shops that can help with car key replacement. These shops, which are typically staffed by experienced professionals, usually carry a wide range of replacement parts and keys, so they’re worth checking out before jumping online. In addition to saving you time, getting your key replaced at a local shop can also save you money since most shops charge per labor hour rather than charging by how many car keys they replace. 

They’ll probably be able to get your key back on your hip for about $50-$75 per hour much less than most online retailers will charge. Be sure to call around and ask about their rates before making an appointment. A good place to start is on Yelp or Google Local (for businesses within your city). Just search for car key replacement along with your zip code.

5) Mobile apps

There are plenty of mobile apps you can use to find your keys. One popular option is Bixi, which uses Bluetooth to help you find your missing items in as little as four seconds. The app will play a sound that you can follow until you reach your lost item. It’s especially helpful if you lost them somewhere in your house. Just open up Bixi and start using it like a metal detector! It has a voice feedback mode so that you can get an audible guide while looking for them around corners or behind furniture. 

If Bixi doesn’t work for whatever reason, there are other apps on Google Play and iTunes that may help. As always, be sure to read customer reviews before settling on any one app or service. That way, you’ll know what to expect from each and whether they’re worth trying out. Don’t forget about physical solutions either. Maybe your local hardware store sells small tracking devices that would make it easier to find things. Consider anything that might save you time and effort in finding them quickly. After all, when we lose our car keys, we tend to need them right away! So take action now and explore all of your options before another key goes missing.


Losing your vehicle key isn’t a reason for alarm. Having a substitution administration come to you to fit and program another key to your vehicle is a moderately reasonable assistance. It shouldn’t take under 60 minutes. Nonetheless, the best fix is anticipation! So on the off chance that you actually have your unique key, it’s smart to make an extra immediately.

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